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SimplerQMS automates the recording of document changes.

The system provides a clear overview of the entire document history, an automated time-stamped audit trail, version control, and effortless comparison between document versions.

Gain peace of mind knowing every change is tracked, easily viewable, retrievable, and compliant with requirements.


Discover the benefits of SimplerQMS audit trail capabilities.

Efficient Version Control

Track all changes and versions of a document directly within the system. Access the audit trail of any given document and all the versions.

Streamlined Record-Keeping

Automatically record changes made to a document. Reduce manual work and benefit from detailed and fully automated time-stamped audit trails.

Effortless Document Comparison

Compare different versions of a document side by side. Simplify the review process and ensure that modifications are accurately tracked and understood.

Efficient Rollback Capability

Revert to previous document minor versions with just a few clicks. Safeguard against unintentional changes and ensure your content remains accurate.

How It Works

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From the time you create and draft a document onwards, you can access the document audit trail at any given time.

The system updates the audit trail every time a change is made, and the document is versioned.

You can see the entire time-stamped audit trail in the document history view. The audit trail specifies the document state, responsible people, date, and time of change.

You can easily view changes in an earlier document version through the audit trails.

This makes it easy to compare document versions to each other. The system highlights changes between documents.

You can open both document versions in Microsoft Word for a side-by-side comparison, showcasing all the tracked changes.

While drafting documents, you have the option to roll back to previous minor versions.

Rollback allows for quick adjustments and ensures that the correct document version is always readily accessible.

After comparing documents and potentially reverting to a specific older version, you may choose to export a particular version.

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