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SimplerQMS streamlines the process of organizing and exporting files.

SimplerQMS enables you to export individual or multiple files, preserve folder structure, and customize document indexes in CSV format.

This helps you export documents while maintaining organization and control.


Discover the benefits of SimplerQMS file exporting capabilities.

Effortless File Exporting

Export files directly to your local computer with just a few clicks. Streamline your document file retrieval process and maintain your existing file folder structure.

Customizable File Index

Organize and add document IDs and values before exporting in a CSV format. Provide a clearer and more structured view of documents and consistent organization during audits and inspections.

Simultaneous Multi-File Export

Export multiple files with just a few clicks. Save time and increase the efficiency of regulatory submissions by avoiding the need to export files individually.

CSV Export Functionality

Generate file indexes in CSV format for easy data manipulation. Facilitate data analytics, reporting, and collaboration with external parties by using widely accepted file formats.

How It Works

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You have the option to selectively export only the files you require to your local computer.

The system provides a user-friendly interface for selecting the specific files and associated information for export. 

This saves time and storage space compared to exporting entire folders.

Your files can be exported to your local computer with an index and preserved folder structure.

This is useful in exporting a specific set of documents for an upcoming audit or regulatory submission.

The index provides a clear overview of the exported files, ensuring easy navigation and organization for auditors.

Related Features in SimplerQMS

Here are some additional features that can further enhance your document management process.

View the Audit Trail

Access a comprehensive view of a document’s lifecycle. Track all document changes, reviews, and updates from document creation to the current state.

Review Documents

Facilitate a structured review process by routing documents for review. Allow designated reviewers to provide feedback and ensure content accuracy.

Create Traceability

Establish relations between several documents. Maintain traceability and an organized document structure within the system.

Featured Modules in SimplerQMS

Learn how SimplerQMS can help you streamline other QMS processes.

Document Control

Automate and streamline your document control activities with ease.

Change Management

Implement changes in your QMS effectively without compromising on structure or compliance.

Template Management

Ensure consistent and compliant data collection with streamlined form and template management.