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Discover the seamless document creation and drafting experience in SimplerQMS.





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SimplerQMS makes it easy to create and draft documents.

The document creation and drafting capabilities are straightforward and intuitive, and they are guided by pre-defined workflows.

This helps users to create better documents faster.


Discover the benefits of SimplerQMS document creation and drafting capabilities.

Simplified Document Creation

Create documents with ease by selecting the document template and filling in metadata. Ensure that your document creation process is consistent and efficient.

Enhanced Collaboration and Control

Specify your workflow process, including responsible persons, authors, reviewers, and approvers. Ensures clear roles and collaboration throughout the document lifecycle.

Relations to Applicable Requirements

Relate documents to applicable requirements, such as Standard Chapters. Reinforce compliance and quality assurance within the company.

Integration with Microsoft Office

Draft and modify documents using familiar Microsoft Office applications. Enhance user experience and productivity by leveraging tools that professionals already use daily.

How It Works

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You can easily create documents using our templates and forms based on Life Science requirements.

Or you can simply drag and drop existing documents or files to SimplerQMS.

Add information about the document, such as relations to other documents, products, equipment, departments, and so on.

It is easier to find and update documents – especially when dealing with dependencies and references.

In this step, you can also specify the document’s workflow process and change control settings as well as applicable standards and requirements.

Your new document is now in the cloud, and you can start drafting it in Microsoft Word or Excel. The system will automatically insert the relevant information in the document header, such as document title, number, authors, reviewers, your company logo, etc.

You can then use the familiar Microsoft application features, such as track changes and comments, to modify the document as needed.

All changes are saved into the SimplerQMS audit trail and you don’t need to manually download or upload documents.

When you are finished drafting the document, you can route it for review or approval. This automatically sends an email notification with a hyperlink to the relevant persons. This step initiates the review or approval process.

You can learn about each of these processes by following the links below:

Related Features in SimplerQMS

Here are some additional features that can further enhance your document management process.

Review Documents

Facilitate a structured review process by routing documents for review. Allow designated reviewers to provide feedback and ensure content accuracy.

Approve Documents

Enable a formal approval process by routing documents to specific approvers. Ensure that only authorized personnel can finalize and release documents.

Export Files

Export multiple files simultaneously to facilitate data analytics, reporting, and collaboration with external parties. Maintain your existing file folder structure.

Featured Modules in SimplerQMS

Learn how SimplerQMS can help you streamline other QMS processes.

Document Control

Automate and streamline your document control activities with ease.

Change Management

Implement changes in your QMS effectively without compromising on structure or compliance.

Template Management

Ensure consistent and compliant data collection with streamlined form and template management.