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SimplerQMS allows you to set relations between the document and any other item within the system.

Simply search for and select the document, product, equipment, department, or any other item you want to relate to the document you are creating.

This helps you achieve a higher level of document organization and traceability.


Discover the benefits of SimplerQMS document traceability capabilities.

Improved Document Traceability

Relate documents to any item in the system, from products to suppliers, and much more in between. Improve control and traceability in your documentation.

Intuitive Document Relations

Find and relate documents effortlessly with dropdown menus. Simplify the document traceability and reduce the time to link relevant information.

Improved Collaboration

Relate documents to each other and make it easy for teams to collaborate on projects. Ensure that everyone is working with the most up-to-date and relevant information.

Streamlined Search

Relate documents with specific regulatory requirements. Streamline the audit process by filtering and presenting documentation related to the relevant requirements.

How It Works

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When creating the document, you can set relations to other documents, products, projects, suppliers, customers, equipment, or any other information.

This helps ensure a high level of traceability of all information.

Choose the document you want to build a relationship with using dropdown menus in combination with a search field.


You can specify the requirement section your document is related to.

Setting this relation is helpful during audits and inspections to demonstrate which documents and records are related to specific requirements.

You can directly relate quality issues, such as deviations and nonconformances, to CAPA documentation.

This direct relation provides clear evidence of identified issues and implemented actions, facilitating audits and demonstrating proactive quality improvement measures.

You can easily track changes, compare versions, and understand how documents have evolved over time.

The system records all document changes with timestamps, providing a clear chronological audit trail for enhanced transparency and accountability.

You can link relevant documents to all information throughout the system, including suppliers, equipment, products, and more, creating a holistic view of quality management processes.

This traceability enables you to access related information efficiently, facilitating informed decision-making and proactive quality improvement actions.

After establishing the relations, the next step is to finalize the creation of the document, followed by the drafting of the document.

After that, document review and approval processes are conducted. You can learn about these processes by following the links below:

Related Features in SimplerQMS

Here are some additional features that can further improve your document management process.

Create and Draft Documents

Create and draft new documents following a configurable workflow. Ensure consistency and efficiency in your document creation process.

Review Documents

Facilitate a structured review process by routing documents for review. Allow designated reviewers to provide feedback and ensure content accuracy.

Approve Documents

Enable a formal approval process by routing documents to specific approvers. Ensure that only authorized personnel can finalize and release documents.

Featured Modules in SimplerQMS

Learn how SimplerQMS can help you streamline other QMS processes.

Document Control

Automate and streamline your document control activities with ease.

Change Management

Implement changes in your QMS effectively without compromising on structure or compliance.

Template Management

Ensure consistent and compliant data collection with streamlined form and template management.