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SimplerQMS 3.0.4 Release Notes (Patch)

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Effective Date: 2023-07-17

ID: SQ-466

Description: When routing CAPAs to a new version the property “Changes In this Version” is visible on the Metadata Card.

Improvement: Bug fixed. Property “Changes In this Version” is removed when CAPA is routed for a new version.

ID: SQ-470

Description: When CR scope had a product item added, which got removed, the users could not select this product item for another change request.

Improvement: Bug fixed. Product items can be added and removed from a CR Scope.

ID: SQ-471

Description: Due Date of an Action could not be set to today’s date.

Improvement: Bug fixed.

ID: SQ-332

Description: The property “Latest Review Close Date” is recalculated in the state “Review Closed”, when a document or metadata change has been made.

Improvement: Bug fixed.

ID: SQ-479

Description: The Property “Date Approved Formatted” hasn’t been processed in certain workflow states for Documents. This led to an empty value after PDF renditioning.

Improvement: Bug fixed.

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