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SimplerQMS 3.1.2 Release Notes (Patch)

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Effective Date: 2023-11-21

ID: SQ-491

Description: Product cannot be related to CR but it is mandatory for adding relation to product lot number.

Improvement: Product Items can be related to Change Requests. When a product item is named in the Relation field, it cannot be associated with the Change Request as a Controlled Item and vice versa.

ID: SQ-566

Description: Allow Recorded Issues to be updated in all states.

Improvement: Recorded Issue Documents can now be updated to a new major version in any state.

ID: SQ-585

Description: Actions, CAPA Assessment, Doc Review: Completed in time is not set.

Improvement: CAPA Effectiveness Assessments, Periodic Document Reviews, Actions, and Reminder Tasks display if the assignment has been completed on time.

ID: SQ-588

Description: Training: Simplify Read & Understood process.

Improvement: Removal of an additional state transition to improve performance on training record completion.

ID: SQ-584

Description: Copy Actions.

Improvement: Option available to Create Copy for Actions.

ID: SQ-597

Description: Prevent rollback between major versions.

Improvement: A recent discovery showed that some states allowed to roll back to previous major version in the document history. Preventive measures have been implemented to restrict this option.

ID: SQ-531

Description: Both Department and Departments is shown in the expanded view of a Person.

Improvement: Department list is kept.

ID: SQ-564

Description: Prints should only be recalled when new version of doc is effective, not for learning.

Improvement: Recall will only be initiated once the effective date of a document is reached, and not in the For Learning state. The recall deadline is 2 business days after Effective Date.

ID: SQ-568

Description: Both Actions and Related Actions are visible properties under the CAPA expanded view.

Improvement: Actions property is kept.

ID: SQ-569

Description: Content Views by person filters out former employees.

Improvement: Masterdata Views > Content Views > Content by Person (Including Not Current) shows content related to former employees for easy reassignment.

ID: SQ-574

Description: Training record: Date completed not set correctly.

Improvement: Date is calculated correctly based on new settings.

ID: SQ-576

Description: Copy site should not be allowed.

Improvement: It is no longer possible to use the Copy command on Site objects.

ID: SQ-579

Description: Recorded Issue: Initial reviewer missing on template for recorded issues.

Improvement: Initial Reviewer is now part of the Target Class Recorded Issue Document Templates for prefilling and field code use.

ID: SQ-581

Description: Modification of initial reviewers not possible.

Improvement: In Modify Initial Reviewer state of Recorded Issues the Initial Reviewer could not be modified.

ID: SQ-582

Description: Update view of all training groups.

Improvement: 3. Masterdata > Persons > Persons – by Training Group includes the list of all training groups, even those that are not currently assigned. This provides a full overview of the training groups created within the vault.

ID: SQ-589

Description: Action Responsible Person gets defaulted to Initiator account.

Improvement: Actions no longer revert back to the Initiator account on the Responsible Person list.

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