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SimplerQMS 3.0.3 Release Notes (Patch)

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Effective Date: 2023-06-23

ID: SQ-310

Description: When creating a recorded issue and setting the property Reportable on RI = No it still required a report.

Improvement: Bug fixed.

ID: SQ-285

Description: Improved user experience for opening documents attached to a training record.

Improvement: After opening the tree structure of a training record the document to learn is directly visible without the need to open the “Version(s) to learn” tab.

ID: SQ-333

Description: The created date has been incorrect on released documents, as it has used the created date of the released version instead of the original document.

Improvement: The property “Created Formatted” can be inserted on documents in order to apply the creation date of the initial document.

ID: SQ-457

Description: Existing Attachments that have been routed for updates stayed in “read-only” permissions.

Improvement: Bug fixed.

ID: SQ-464

Description: Permissions have not been updated on templates, which have been routed for updates.

Improvement: Bug fixed.

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