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SimplerQMS 2.9.1 Release Notes (Patch)

Effective Date: 2022-10-17

ID: SQ-176

Description: Releasing of templates is more robust, so that user interface is released quicker.

Improvement: Part of the template release process is moved to a background operation and does not happen in user interface.

ID: SQ-181

Description: Creation of learning records is more robust, especially if there are many learning rules for same document.

Improvement: Creation of learning records is an async process which makes it faster and more robust.

ID: SQ-215

Description: Learning rules: In 2.9 the training group and document/quiz to learn were mandatory properties – now it is optional again.

Improvement: Learning rules can be drafted early even before documents are created – some users report the change in 2.9 is a disadvantage.

ID: SQ-217

Description: Change request: Permission bug corrected: In final CR approval, there was no option for rejection, and author could not reject at CR plan approval state.

Improvement: The bug is removed, so intended permissions are now as they were intended.

ID: SQ-214

Description: Quality documents: Permissions for classified documents or related to projects. In preliminary state documents cannot be edited.

Improvement: The bug is removed so intended permissions are now as they were intended.

ID: SQ-213

Description: Quiz: Permissions when having 8 questions – In that case Question 3 is hidden.

Improvement: The bug is removed so intended permissions are now as they were intended.

ID: SQ-225

Description: CR rejection: Preliminary templates stay in rejected CR state.

Improvement: Filter condition on workflow corrected, so these templates return to the preliminary state.

ID: SQ-227

Description: Avoid permission changes when persons are set to former employee or unavailable.

Improvement: In 2.9.1 there are no permission changes when persons are set to state: former employee or unavailable. Gives two benefits – users that are unavailable for a short time can still see documents and there are no permission changes that recalculate document permissions for the whole organization. Before this change we had several reports of documents that could not be edited or approved due to permission change processing.

ID: SQ-228 and SQ-229

Description: New versions of templates and documents – moved to new versions as a background operation.

Improvement: Makes the process more robust and locks the user interface in a shorter time. CRs with many documents and/or templates become more robust and do not get stuck in the intermediate states.

ID: SQ-230

Description: Equipment type – permissions for making new equipment types changed from user group “Manufacturing” to “Metadata administrator”.

Improvement: Some customers report that many users are member of user group “Manufacturing”, so too many users have the permission. Now it is more restrictive as only the users in the user group “Metadata administrator” can create these new equipment types.

ID: SQ-173

Description: Rescheduling of CAPA assessments was not possible in state “Pending” or “Overdue”.

Improvement: Rescheduling of CAPA assessments is now possible in state “Pending” or “Overdue” for responsible person and users in user group “Quality Assurance Responsible”.

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