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SimplerQMS 2.8.3 Release Notes (Patch)

Effective Date: 2022-06-30

ID: SQ-113

Description: This patch makes the Change Request process more robust.

Improvement: Change Request Process is more stable and can handle more objects.

ID: SQ-126

Description: This patch introduces a view for all documents that are assigned 2 > 1 > 1.14 Assigned Documents.

Improvement: Users can now see all documents that are assigned.

ID: SQ-27

Description: This patch optimizes configuration code dependent on value lists.

Improvement: The new code ensures the stability of the Compliance Kit configuration.

ID: SQ-77

Description: This patch corrects workflow aliases.

Improvement: Corrected aliases make the system more robust and less prone to errors.

ID: SQ-11

Description: This patch redesigns the Task & Assignments View Module for easier navigation.

Improvement: New Task & Assignments views have more reliable filters and a more accessible structure.

ID: SQ-46

Description: This patch corrects view filtering on 2 > 12 > 2 > 1.2 Await Template Updates.

Improvement: Grouping by the state is now more precise and does not include irrelevant documents in the view.

ID: SQ-72

Description: This patch allows the “Customer List” property to be used as a grouping level for creating views.

Improvement: Users can now create personal views and use “Customer List” as a grouping property.

ID: SQ-80

Description: This patch improves the Supplier and Equipment Status Workflows by adding preconditions on scheduling values.

Improvement: Supplier and Equipment workflows have become more stable.

ID: SQ-109

Description: This patch increases the time limit of script timeout allowing for operations with a higher number of documents.

Improvement: A higher number of background tasks is now supported.

ID: SQ-142

Description: This patch removes unused properties from the Quality Document class.

Improvement: Redundant properties on the Quality Document Class are now removed.

ID: SQ-114

Description: This patch optimizes the Version Control configuration code.

Improvement: The Version Control Code has been optimized which improves stability.

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