Choosing the right Pharmaceutical consulting firm in a country like the Netherlands is not an easy task. More so the Pharmaceutical consultancy industry in the Netherlands consists of large enterprises, as well as a large number of small to medium-size firms that specialize in a variety of consulting services.

The main areas of expertise being Quality Assurance, Qualification, and Validation, industry-specific Regulatory Affairs, Project and Training Management, Pharmacovigilance, and even the selection of a pharmaceutical QMS software solution.

Fortunately, to ease up the searching process for you, we have created a list of Pharmaceutical consulting firms in the Netherlands. The firms listed below provide a variety of consultancy solutions that could help your organization and other small to medium-sized businesses access the market faster.

16 Pharmaceutical Consultancies in the Netherlands

PSR Orphan Experts

PSR is a full-service Orphan Drug CRO, it provides Biopharmaceutical companies with a variety of services that allow end-to-end solutions spanning the whole Orphan drug development cycle. The firm can support clients with an integrated approach from Regulatory Strategy through to conducting the necessary Clinical Studies in all development phases.

PSR Orphan Experts

DADA Consultancy

DADA Consultancy is one of the leading independent consulting agencies for Regulatory Affairs in Europe, the firm offers a full range of high quality and tailored regulatory and pharmacovigilance services for human and veterinary products. DADA Consultancy has a team of experts is highly trained Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Biomedical professionals, supported by a wide network of external scientific experts.

DADA Consultancy Logo

Zwiers Regulatory Consultancy

Zwiers Regulatory Consultancy provides full regulatory support for Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies, throughout the entire product lifecycle. From initial clinical trial application to post-marketing compliance. The consulting firm’s services include Regulatory Strategic Advice, Medical Writing, Regulatory Intelligence, and Training.

Zwiers Regulatory Consultancy Logo


BMclinical offers a unique approach to clinical trial supply and aims to simplify the Pharmaceutical companies’ supply chain whilst providing the highest level of service and patient safety. Through experience and collaboration, the company offers services like Commercial Drug Sourcing, Supply Management, and Global Distribution.

BMclinical Logo


CURARE is a consultancy firm that specializes in designing strategies for early clinical drug development programs. The firm has a team of experts that have a strong drive and a pragmatic approach to make each project successful within the budget and time constraints given. CURARE’s main areas of expertise are Strategic Clinical Drug Development, Clinical Pharmacology, and Clinical Regulatory support.

Curare Logo


Occams provides strategic services to companies in the Pharmaceutical industry. The firm offers its services not only in the Netherlands but also globally, and specializes in the field of population pharmacokinetics, advanced PK/PD modeling, and drug-disease modeling and simulation. In addition, Occams offers services in the area of preparation and/or review of documentation for regulatory submissions.

Occams Logo

Seuss Consulting

Seuss Consulting provides various consulting services to companies within the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device industries, and CRO & specialty suppliers. The firm specializes in business consulting services like Vendor Selection and Management, Outsourcing, Insourcing Strategies, and Company Analysis.

Seuss Consulting Logo


Progress-PME consultancy partner for businesses in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries, as well as the Healthcare sector. The company provides knowledge and expertise in phases ranging from drug development to commercial manufacturing. Progress-PME operates primarily in The Netherlands and offers services related to Project Management, Engineering, Validation, and Quality Assurance.

Progress PME Logo

PCS – Pharmaceutical Consultancy Services

PCS – Pharmaceutical Consultancy Services provides specialized services to the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, and related health care industries to meet current regulatory requirements. Due to its extensive network of associates, PCS can provide a specialized project team to meet all GxP/ QA/ Validation/ Training and Regulatory requirements.

PCS - Pharmaceutical Consultancy Services Logo


Interdos offers consultancy services for Human Pharmaceutical products, Medical Devices (CE products), and Nutraceuticals. The firm has a team of experts in a range of professional services: Regulatory Support, Clinical Studies, Pharmacovigilance Services, and Quality Assurance activities.

Interdos Logo


Regivet is a small, independent consulting firm that specialized in the development and registration of veterinary pharmaceuticals in Europe. the company has experience in the development of different formulations like tablets, powders, injection fluids (solutions and suspensions), intramammary, and topical products. 

Regivet Logo

DGr Pharma

DGr Pharma aims to promote a fast and high-quality drug development process in close cooperation with the Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies through consultancy and contract research services. DGr Pharma provides consultancy services in early phase drug development with a focus on PK, Clinical Pharmacology, CMC, Regulatory Affairs, and IT support.

DGr Pharma Logo

Kantisto Separation Sciences

Kantisto is an independent Chemical and Pharmaceutical analysis consultancy that offers support in practical and strategic issues through long or short-term assignments, such as Method Development, Validation, and Implementation. Furthermore, Kantisto can assist in the areas of quality by design, pragmatic quality systems, and document writing and reviewing. The firm also provides in-company training and courses.

Kantisto Separation Sciences Logo

AUTHOR! Data Analysis and Reporting

AUTHOR! provides medical writing services and data analysis support for a large number of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnical companies throughout Europe. The company works in close collaboration with international multidisciplinary clinical teams of medical professionals, advisors, regulatory affairs specialists, statisticians, data managers, SAS-programmers, and document formatting experts.

AUTHOR! Data Analysis and Reporting Logo

Quality RA

Quality RA is a small consultancy firm with experience in the fields of recombinant proteins, cell and gene therapy, monoclonal antibodies, and viral vaccines. The company provides advice on Regulatory Affairs (RA) and/or Chemistry Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry.

Quality RA Logo

LAP&P Consultants

LAP&P is a consulting company that provides Modelling and Simulation (M&S) services to support decision making in Drug Discovery and Drug Development for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological companies. The firm offers consulting services in the field of Quantitative Pharmacology to answer questions that arise during the Discovery and Development phases in a quantitative way.

LAP&P Consultants Logo

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