Carefully selected Pharmaceutical consulting firm can decrease the time to market drastically. Nevertheless, finding the consultancy that fits your organization’s needs can be difficult. The Pharmaceutical consultancy industry consists of large enterprises, as well as small to medium-size firms that focus their efforts across the whole product lifecycle or a specific stage. For example, Quality Management System, Qualification and Validation, Regulatory Affairs, Project and Training Management, CAPAs, and pharmaceutical QMS software selection.

Luckily, we have created a list of the best Pharmaceutical consulting firms in Denmark that could help your Pharma company.

18 Pharmaceutical Consultants in Denmark

Nordic Pharma Consulting 

Nordic Pharma Consulting has solid know-how in various Pharmaceutical areas. It offers services within Project Management, Consulting, Personal Management, Business Strategy, Implementation of Business Opportunities, Industry Assessment, Business Process Optimization, Strategic Performance Measurement & Reporting, Innovation & Patents, as well as People Management.

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NORD Pharma Partners

NORD Pharma Partners offer a variety of consulting services for the Pharmaceutical industry in the EU. The company can assist with a specific task, as well as provide a permanent or long-term solution in core areas of expertise: Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Contract Manufacturing, Clinical Trial Supply, and QA/QP Services, GMP.

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Billev Pharma

Billev Pharma specializes in Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance for the Pharmaceutical industry and helps in situations where the companies in question either have no specialized staff or have too little capacity. Over the years the consultancy assisted companies with assignments ranging from national registrations over the Mutual Recognition to Decentralised and Centralised procedures.

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Zealth helps healthcare companies, including Pharmaceutical firms bring their products to patients. The consulting firm aims to break down the silo mentality when it comes to sales, marketing, medical and corporate affairs. Thus, its area of expertise is Marketing, Pricing, Reimbursement & Access, Medical Affairs, and Health Economics.

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TriTiCon is an eClinical consulting company with expertise in Clinical Data Processes and Systems. From strategy to end-user training, the TriTiCon can help Pharmaceutical companies all the way in establishing their end-to-end solution for handling clinical data. The firm focuses on areas like Subject Matter Expertise, Strategic Understanding, and Project Management.

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SPLY is a clinical trial supply consultancy and technology company working closely with innovative Pharmaceutical and Biotech organizations. The company provides consulting services wihtin clinical trial supply management and project management based on technical expertise combined with a broad understanding of the business processes within the clinical area.

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Solural Pharma

Solural Pharma has strong expertise in all aspects of Pharmaceutical development and uses this to offer consultancy support to solve CMC development, and project management needs as well as CRO/CMO expertise providing solutions for low soluble oral drugs.

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Genau & More

Genau & More provides a wide range of compliance services to Life Science companies to ensure that patient safety is never compromised and that the organization is always inspection-ready. Some of the onsite and offsite services that Genau & More offers are project management, validation, training, quality & compliance.

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SAXOCON helps Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and other product manufacturers test, document, and certify that their products are in compliance with regulations and guidelines. For Pharmaceutical companies firm offers services within areas like Drug Substances & Products Manufacturing, and Pharmaceutical Development stages.

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IWA Consulting

IWA Consulting is a group of regulatory affairs specialists providing expert services to a range of international private and public clients within industries like Medical Device, Biotech, and Pharma. The consulting firm has long-term experience within regulatory affairs, in-depth knowledge, and an understanding of the sense of urgency that applies to this business area.

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Pharmaceutical Engineering Consultants (PEC)

Pharmaceutical Engineering Consultants (PEC) is an innovative engineering consultancy that assists and manages projects within the Life Science industry. The firm has grown into one of the leading consultancy companies in Denmark within the field of production of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and can contribute to most phases of a device project.

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SPT VILECON is offering customer-oriented consultancy, design, development, and construction services to the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industries. The firm specializes in between design, development, and construction of Medical Devices on one hand, and injection molding on the other.


Emendo Consulting Group

Emendo Consulting Group’s background-origin is within the Pharmaceutical and Food industry, but nowadays the company works across all industries, including Medical Device and Pharmaceutical. The firm provides unique process expertise to all phases of a product lifecycle, from early development, the establishment of new equipment/production facilities to process optimization.

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AlfaNordic is a consulting company with more than 90 employees working in the Life Science industry. The firm specializes in Pharmaceutical production, Project management, Management consulting, Validation, Production support, IT/AUT, QA/QC, Medical device, Regulatory Affairs (RA), and Pharmacovigilance (PV).

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Sigma Quality & Compliance

Sigma Quality & Compliance offers consultancy services within various processes such as production, product development, research, testing, and purchasing. The company has a long and solid experience in Life Science, including Medical Device and Pharmaceutical and other quality-controlled businesses. 

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Borgensgaard Consulting

Borgensgaard Consulting provides a variety of consulting services to companies in the Life Science industry like Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech but is also very relevant for other industries. The firm specializes primarily in Quality Leadership, Quality Management, Regulatory Compliance, and Human Behavior.

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Aquilo Consulting

Aquilo Consulting is an international management consulting firm specialized in developing and implementing growth strategies for private healthcare companies and public healthcare organizations. The company helps Medical Device, Pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare providers grow the quality, efficiency, and profitability of their businesses.

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Pharmakia is a Private Limited Company managed by an owner who is also a consultant. The owner of the consulting firm, Stephane Labrosse, can help you in the areas of Project Management, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Validation, and Technical Expertise in Medical Device and Pharmaceutical development.

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