Build Your Own QMS Software Business Case

Use these templates to identify the value of an efficient QMS software solution and present it to your management.

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    Business Case Template

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    Business Case Template Excel

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    Uncover the Economic Value of an eQMS Solution

    Is an eQMS the right choice for your Organization?

    Calculate the economic​ benefit of an eQMS versus a manual or paper-based system!

    Create transparency and understand the value​ of an efficient eQMS!

    Compare QMS software solutions​ and determine what is best for your organization​!

    Present a Convincing Business Case to Your Management

    Prove to your management or board that an eQMS is a sound investment.

    Take advantage of premade slide templates for your presentations!

    Calculate and present how much time is freed up with an eQMS utilizing our free business case template in Excel!

    Drive a strategic discussion with decision-makers around the benefits of an eQMS​ solution!

    Business Case Template PowerPoint

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    Business Case for Quality Management Software (eQMS)

    Summary of what you get for free.


    Comprehensive Template

    Comprehensive business case template tailored for evaluating the benefits of choosing an eQMS.

    Overview of All Savings

    A structured approach to determine the impact on each quality process within Issue, Supplier, Training, Audit, Equipment Management, and other eQMS savings.

    User-Friendly Tool

    Easy-to-use spreadsheet with clear guidance and instruction videos.

    Seamless Output

    Business case output designed to be copy-pasted to presentation slides.


    Overview of All Benefits

    Presentation split into soft and hard benefits to cover the full value of an eQMS.

    Easily Customizable

    Complement slides with more details on the economic benefit – in case you get a detailed question from the management!

    … and FREE consultation about how to use the tool!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I make a business case?

    Implementing a new eQMS solution can be a big decision for an organization, as it impacts a lot of people and comes with a cost.

    But what are the benefits?

    This is often a question you will get from your management or board prior to making a purchase decision. For you, the benefits may be obvious in terms of higher compliance and efficient workflows. However, estimating the time or cost saved is usually critical to understand for management before they can allocate the needed funding.

    How do you make a business case?

    Making a business case is about reflecting the cost and benefits in a structured and transparent way.

    But how?

    1. By breaking down benefits into soft and hard benefits, where soft benefits cannot be translated directly into savings/value (i.e. reduced risk) and hard benefits are converted into time or money saved.
    2. Further, break down hard benefits into measurable categories or processes. There, of course, uncertainties are involved but try to use historical data in your assumptions where possible.
    3. Be transparent by presenting assumptions or share in a backup.
    4. Finally, reflect the hard benefits in a range to indicate the uncertainty.

    You do the same when estimating the cost and a key element is to understand the required external and internal resources needed to implement an eQMS. For this, ask your eQMS supplier for more details.

    Why do I need to fill out the information?

    It is important to adjust the underlying assumptions in the business case to reflect your business (size of the company, pre/post-market, etc.) in order to get the most valid results.

    Is it this business case template really free?

    Yes, it is 100% FREE!

    And do reach out if you need support on this one…

    Can I modify the business case if it doesn’t fit my business?

    Yes, absolutely!

    The business case is very easy to modify. We have tried to structure it according to industry standards and best practices. So hopefully, you do not need to change too much.