1. FiercePharma

About: FiercePharma covers the pharma waterfront, from late-stage drug development through the entire lifecycle—tracking regulatory approvals, payer negotiations, manufacturing, marketing, patent fights, government investigations, and regulation, M&A deals and beyond. 

Interesting posts: 

Where do COVID-19 vaccine players stand on pricing? So far, it’s no profit, slight profit or undecided” (https://www.fiercepharma.com/pharma/where-do-covid-19-vaccine-players-stand-pricing-no-profit-slight-profit-or-discussions) 

The top 10 drugs by sales increase in 2020” (https://www.fiercepharma.com/special-report/top-10-drugs-by-sales-increase-2020) 

Link: https://www.fiercepharma.com/ 

2. PharmaTimes

About: PharmaTimes offers a unique blend of news stories, interviews, features, case studies, analysis, and comment on the critical issues facing the pharma and healthcare sectors. 

Interesting posts: 

The need for digitalisation of pharma R&D” (http://www.pharmatimes.com/web_exclusives/The_need_for_digitalisation_of_pharma_R_and_D_1342884) 

Building a domestic manufacturing capacity” (http://www.pharmatimes.com/web_exclusives/Building_a_domestic_manufacturing_capacity_1341929) 

Link: http://www.pharmatimes.com/ 

3. Pharmaphorum

About: Pharmaphorum supports its pharmaceutical industry clients through both the reach and reputation of their publication, consultative and creative capabilities in marketing, medical, communications, and digital innovation. 

Interesting posts: 

“The Future of Oncology” (https://deep-dive.pharmaphorum.com/magazine/future-of-oncology-2020/cover/) 

Patient Engagement” (https://deep-dive.pharmaphorum.com/magazine/patient-engagement/cover/) 

Link: https://pharmaphorum.com/ 

4. Elvesier

About: Elvesier helps institutions and professionals advance healthcare, open science, and improve performance for the benefit of humanity. Their blog reflects this, covering topics such as technology and operational efficiency. 

Interesting posts: 

Readying Your Workforce for Digital Transformation” (https://pharma.elsevier.com/pharma-rd/readying-your-workforce-for-digital-transformation/) 

How Are Regulatory Agencies Reacting to the Use of Real-World Evidence?” (https://pharma.elsevier.com/pharmacovigilance/how-are-regulatory-agencies-reacting-to-the-use-of-real-world-evidence/) 

Link: https://pharma.elsevier.com/ 

5. PharmTech 

About: PharmTech.com is an information source for all professionals in the global pharmaceutical manufacturing drug development community. They provide content on process development and manufacturing, formulation, drug delivery, ingredients, regulation, analytics, packaging, supply chain, and outsourcing. 

Interesting posts: 

Global Regulatory Collaborations Aim to Speed Access to New Vaccines and Drugs” (http://www.pharmtech.com/global-regulatory-collaborations-aim-speed-access-new-vaccines-and-drugs-0) 

The Evolving War on Drug Prices” (http://www.pharmtech.com/evolving-war-drug-prices-0) 

Link: http://www.pharmtech.com/ 

6. Pharmaceutical Commerce  

About: Pharmaceutical Commerce is written for biopharma commercial executive decision-makers focusing on business processes and the technologies involved in how approved drugs go to market. 

Link: https://pharmaceuticalcommerce.com/ 

7. European Pharmaceutical Review

About: European Pharmaceutical Review is the leading publication for up-to-the-minute information on all aspects of drug analysis, formulation, delivery, manufacturing, and regulation. 

Interesting posts:   

Is global COVID-19 expertise accessible enough?” (https://www.europeanpharmaceuticalreview.com/article/123874/is-global-covid-19-expertise-accessible-enough/) 

Comparison of new vaccine approaches – COVID-19” (https://www.europeanpharmaceuticalreview.com/article/122275/comparison-of-new-vaccine-approaches-covid-19/) 

Link: https://www.europeanpharmaceuticalreview.com/ 

8. The Catalyst 

About: The Catalyst by PhRA, offers the latest news and ideas of America`s biopharmaceutical companies. 

Interesting posts: 

Study finds the pharmaceutical industry retains a smaller share of revenue than research-intensive industries” (https://catalyst.phrma.org/study-finds-the-pharmaceutical-industry-retains-a-smaller-share-of-revenue-than-research-intensive-industries) 

It’s a good thing pharmaceutical manufacturing supply chains are spread out around the world” (https://catalyst.phrma.org/its-a-good-thing-pharmaceutical-manufacturing-supply-chains-are-spread-out-around-the-world) 

Link: https://catalyst.phrma.org/ 

9. Pharma Pathway 

About: Pharma Pathway is a Pharma & Health network. It is a destination for information related to pharmaceutical manufacturing and healthy livings. Pharma network provides Guidelines, Standard Operating Procedure, Validation, Calibration, and much more information. 

Interesting posts:  

Quality By Design and It’s Essential Elements” (https://pharmapathway.com/quality-design-essential-elements/) 

Corrective and Preventive Action (https://pharmapathway.com/corrective-preventive-action/) 

Link: https://pharmapathway.com/ 

10. Certara

About: Certara is the leading drug development consultancy with solutions spanning the discovery, preclinical and clinical stages of drug development. The mission is to help our customers accelerate decision making and enable the cross-disciplinary approaches necessary for translational science. 

Interesting posts:  

The Research to Accelerate Cures and Equity (RACE) for Children Act: Changing the Landscape of Pediatric Cancer Drug Development” (https://www.certara.com/blog/the-research-to-accelerate-cures-and-equity-race-for-children-act-changing-the-landscape-of-pediatric-cancer-drug-development/) 

The Value of Modeling and Simulation in Vaccine Development” (https://www.certara.com/blog/the-value-of-modeling-and-simulation-in-vaccine-development/) 

Link: https://www.certara.com/ 

11. Pharma Voice  

About: PharmaVOICE is a resource for life-sciences executives and other healthcare-service related professionals. The primary audience is made up of executive and corporate management from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, drug delivery, marketing communications, clinical services, contract research, drug development, and information technology companies, as well as other industry sectors. 

Link: https://www.pharmavoice.com/ 

12. Pharmaceutical Microbiology   

About: Dr. Tim Sandle is a chartered biologist and holds a firstclass honors degree in Applied Biology; a Masters degree in education; and has a doctorate from Keele University. In his blog, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Dr. Tim Sandle explores several topics related to microbiology. 

Interesting posts:  

Artificial intelligence finds new antibiotic (https://www.pharmamicroresources.com/2020/06/artificial-intelligence-finds-new.html) 

Communities of microbes found to have working memory (https://www.pharmamicroresources.com/2020/06/communities-of-microbes-found-to-have.html) 

Link: https://www.pharmamicroresources.com/ 

13. World Pharma News  

About: World Pharma News is one of the world’s leading web-based pharmaceutical news publications, committed to providing and disseminating the most prominent pharmaceutical news and achievement 

Interesting posts: 

Can bilingualism protect the brain even with early stages of dementia?” (https://www.worldpharmanews.com/research/5132-can-bilingualism-protect-the-brain-even-with-early-stages-of-dementia) 

“Personalized cancer vaccines” (https://www.worldpharmanews.com/research/5127-personalized-cancer-vaccines) 

Link: https://www.worldpharmanews.com/ 

14. Pharma Manufacturing 

About: Pharma Manufacturing serves the informational needs of pharma and biopharma professionals in manufacturing and operations, QA and QC, regulatory affairs, engineering and project management, packaging, and corporate management. 

Interesting posts: 

The world’s next ‘most expensive drug’ could soon be approved” (https://www.pharmamanufacturing.com/industrynews/2020/the-worlds-next-most-expensive-drug-could-soon-be-approved/) 

Which drugs did Big Pharma hike prices for this year?” (https://www.pharmamanufacturing.com/industrynews/2019/which-drugs-did-big-pharma-hike-prices-for-this-year/) 

Link: https://www.pharmamanufacturing.com/?nav=logo 

15. Pharma Tutor  

About: This blog provides important insights for pharma students. It contains discussions in the pharmaceutical industry. It also provides information on interesting areas for researchers in this industry in addition to describing some job opportunities. 

Interesting posts: 

Orodispersible liquisolid compacts: A novel approach to enhance solubility and bioavailability” (https://www.pharmatutor.org/magazines/articles/june-2018/orodispersible-liquisolid-compacts-a-novel-approach-to-enhance-solubility-and-bioavailability) 

“Ketamine: A Magic Remedy” (https://www.pharmatutor.org/magazines/articles/june-2018/ketamine-a-magic-remedy) 

Link: https://www.pharmatutor.org/ 

16. In Vivo  

About: In Vivo is a source for life sciences business strategy, covering the biopharma, Medtech, and diagnostics industries, offering a unique understanding of the forces shaping global healthcare. In their blog, you can find insider interviews with top industry executives and thoughtprovoking features that help you anticipate future industry trends and keep abreast of the latest in dealmaking, marketing, R&D, regulatory, and finance strategies. 

Interesting posts: 

Making Progress Against Rare Diseases” (https://invivo.pharmaintelligence.informa.com/IV124478/Making-Progress-Against-Rare-Diseases) 

Scenic Aims To Move ‘Genetic Modifiers’ Science Forward” (https://invivo.pharmaintelligence.informa.com/IV124562/Scenic-Aims-To-Move-Genetic-Modifiers-Science-Forward) 

Link: https://invivo.pharmaintelligence.informa.com/ 

17. STAT  

About: STAT gives you an inside look at academic labs, biotech boardrooms, and political backrooms. They examine with a critical eye scientific discovery, scrutinize corporate strategies, and chronicle roiling battles for talent, money, and market share.  

Interesting posts: 

‘Inactive’ drug ingredients are not always inactive, study finds” (https://www.statnews.com/2020/07/23/inactive-drug-ingredients-are-not-always-inactive/) 

Up and down the ladder: The latest comings and goings” (https://www.statnews.com/pharmalot/2020/06/12/ladder-jobs-amag-fda/) 

Link: https://www.statnews.com/ 

18. Eye for Pharma 

About: Known for their transparency and transparency, Reuters also brings you the latest news on the pharma industry, providing a hub for senior-level pharma executives, patient groups, and other health stakeholders to exchange ideas and observe shifting trends and practices. 

Interesting posts: 

What patients need right now” (https://social.eyeforpharma.com/patients-and-medical/what-patients-need-right-now) 

The key to digital innovation: The human touch (https://social.eyeforpharma.com/medical/key-digital-innovation-human-touch)

Link: https://social.eyeforpharma.com/ 

19. Pharma IQ  

About: Pharma IQ was created for the pharmaceutical community to continue their conversations beyond events. In the past decade, the portal has evolved to be a leading hub for analysis, resources, and tools for all aspects of the pharmaceutical field. 

Interesting posts: 

Connecting and leveraging quality-driven data throughout the pharma product life cycle” (https://www.pharma-iq.com/business-development/whitepapers/connecting-and-leveraging-quality-driven-data-throughout-the-pharma-product-life-cycle) 

Solving the major challenges of data integration and analytics for translational medicine applications” (https://www.pharma-iq.com/business-development/articles/solving-major-challenges-data-integration-analytics-translational-medicine-applications) 

Link: https://www.pharma-iq.com/ 

20. PharmExec   

About: PharmExec, provides feature articles by guest columnists and staff writers. It is written from an executives’ point of view on regulatory issues, technology news, and marketing trends. 

Interesting posts: 

Strategic Realignment for a Better Future” (http://www.pharmexec.com/strategic-realignment-better-future) 

Are You Ready for the Telemedicine Revolution?” (http://www.pharmexec.com/are-you-ready-telemedicine-revolution) 

Link: http://www.pharmexec.com/