Quality KPI Software for Life Sciences

Improve your quality management and compliance efforts with meaningful and actionable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Quality KPI Dashboard Within a Comprehensive eQMS

A quality KPI dashboard software is a dynamic tool that allows Life Science companies to visualize key metrics in real time, prompting valuable insights into their quality performance.

SimplerQMS provides KPI software solutions with intuitive dashboards.

Our comprehensive QMS software includes essential QMS modules, such as document control, change control, employee training, audit, supplier management, nonconformance/deviation handling, CAPA management, and more.

Explore the benefits that quality KPI software for life sciences can offer your company today.

Quality KPI Dashboard

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Gain Real-Time Quality Insights

In the fast-paced Life Science industry, quality professionals are often hampered by outdated systems, siloed data, and a lack of timely insights.

The quality KPI monitoring solution in SimplerQMS is designed to empower you with meaningful and actionable insights through easy-to-use dashboards.

View Real-Time Dashboards

No more waiting for quarterly reports to assess your performance. Have immediate access to all quality KPIs data, allowing you to make timely data-driven decisions.

Proactively identify issues as they emerge rather than reacting to them once they escalate.

Real Time Quality KPI Data
List of Pending Training in SimplerQMS

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Access One-Click Detailed Views

With a single click on any KPI metric, you can directly access a detailed item view, providing a comprehensive breakdown of the data.

Save valuable time and minimize errors by accessing the precise information exactly when you need it.

Get Quality KPI Reports

SimplerQMS generates and delivers in-depth quality KPI reports straight to your inbox, tailored to your specific needs.

Enjoy the convenience of having detailed reports available, making it easier to share insights with stakeholders and make informed decisions.

Training KPI Report in SimplerQMS

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Training Record Export Options in SimplerQMS

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Effortless Data Export

Our QMS KPI tracking software allows you to export quality KPI data in CSV format, enabling you to perform more complex analyses using your preferred data analysis tools.

Gain the flexibility to integrate your quality data into broader business intelligence efforts, ensuring a complete approach to organizational improvement.

Module-Based Customization

Customize your KPI reports on a module-by-module basis to align with your specific operational needs.

Tailor your KPIs to focus on the areas that are most important to you, such as supplier, training, audit, or recorded issue-related activities.

Customizable Settings
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Integration To Other Systems

SimplerQMS can be integrated with your existing systems, providing a unified quality management experience.

Eliminate the hassle of using multiple platforms. With SimplerQMS, you have a centralized, integrated solution for all your quality management needs.

What Customers Achieve By Implementing SimplerQMS

Utilize Proven Technology

SimplerQMS is built on Microsoft & M-Files Technology which serves over 5,000 customers worldwide.


Pass Audit More Easily

Access needed documentation and present it to the auditor with a couple of clicks from anywhere in the world.


Gain High Level of Traceability

Gain cross-functional visibility and trace back to the root cause of each nonconformance.

“It’s very flexible, smooth, and easy to use. Documents no longer get lost and the whole history of all products is accessible for anyone at any time.”

Christian Schärfe Thomsen

Project Manager, Cortex

Discover How SimplerQMS Can Help You

Beyond Just Quality KPIs

Document Control

Maintain control over all quality and regulatory documentation with centralized, secure management.

Change Management

Recognize and manage all changes accordingly to ensure compliance and structure within your QMS.

Training Management

Save time with automated training activities, notifications, reminders, and progress overviews.

Audit Management

Simplify audit processes by effectively planning, executing, and tracking internal and external audits.

Supplier Management

Streamline supplier quality management processes from qualification to performance monitoring

CAPA Management

Manage CAPA activities seamlessly from identification to resolution and reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Quality KPI Software?

Quality KPI (Key Performance Indicator) software is a solution designed to track, measure, and analyze performance metrics related to quality management and compliance.

It provides real-time access to key metrics, offering valuable insights into quality performance.

What Is the Primary Advantage of Using QMS KPI Software?

The primary advantage of using QMS (Quality Management System) KPI dashboards is the ability to access real-time data quality management processes.

Instead of waiting for periodic reports, quality KPI software allows you to make data-driven decisions promptly. This enables you to proactively address quality-related issues as they emerge rather than reacting to them once they have escalated.

What Quality KPIs Could I Track Using the Software?

Quality KPI software is designed to track a range of quality KPIs tailored for the life science industry.

For example, the following are key areas related to which Life Science companies could track quality KPIs and metrics.

  • Risk
  • Issue response
  • Cost of poor quality
  • Process efficiency
  • Resource maturity

Can I Customize KPI Reports To Fit My Operational Needs?

Yes, SimplerQMS allows you to customize your quality KPI reports on a module-by-module basis. You can tailor your KPIs to focus on the areas that are most important for your operations.

Whether it is supplier management, training, audit performance, or any other issue-related activities, you have the flexibility to align the reports according to your needs.

How Can I View More Detailed Information About a Specific KPI Metric?

In SimplerQMS, a single click on any KPI metric within your dashboard instantly presents you with an in-depth overview of the relevant data. For even more granularity, you can delve into the details of each specific item with an additional click.

You can also choose a particular item to reveal a comprehensive list of all associated items, offering a complete snapshot of all interrelationships. Additionally, you can customize your own views to monitor the information most relevant to you.

How To Export the Quality KPI Data for External Analysis?

SimplerQMS offers a simple way to export quality KPI data in CSV format. You can choose exactly which information to include while preserving the original folder structure.

This enables you to conduct more intricate analyses using third-party data analysis tools or integrate the data into broader business intelligence and analytics platforms.

How Much Does Quality KPI Solution Cost?

The cost of QMS software by SimplerQMS is based on the number and type of licenses you acquire.

Quality KPI solution is part of our comprehensive QMS software.

SimplerQMS provides a comprehensive solution that covers all Life Science QMS modules, hosting, validation, setup, user training, and ongoing support – all included in one subscription fee.

There are no extra fees to worry about.

For more details about SimplerQMS pricing and what it includes, please visit our pricing page.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

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“Spending most of my day using SimplerQMS, I would say I am very pleased with the ease of use.”

Dorthe W.

QA/RA Manager, Cortex Technology

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“SimplerQMS gave us excellent pricing, customer support for understanding how to use their system and set up our QMS, and is easy to use.”

Subba S.

Chief Technology Officer, CollaMedix

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“Easy to work with. Intuitive. Rather easy to setup. Very good customer support. Good quality to price ratio.”

Jean Claude M.

Head of Hardware and Software Development, hemotune

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