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How to Set-up Automatic Logout in M-Files Desktop

You can set your M-Files Desktop users to be logged out automatically. To enable this functionality, edit the Windows registry settings given in this section on the computer on which M-Files Desktop is used.

3.1 Important Remarks

The timer is reset continuously if the client computer has a document opened in a program (for example Microsoft Word). The automatic logout occurs, for example, if:

• The document is checked out but not opened in a program.

• The user is editing the metadata card of an object.

If you want to set the automatic logout to occur when the client computer has documents opened in read-only mode, also add the registry setting IgnoreOpenReadonlyHandlesOnAutoLogout in the client computer.

3.2 Registry Settings

Add or change this setting to enable automatic logout in M-Files Desktop:

Value nameAutomaticLogoutTimeoutInMinutes
Value typeREG_DWORD
DescriptionThis value specifies the period of inactivity in minutes after which automatic logout will occur.
ValueFor example, 120. The value 120 means that the automatic logout occurs after 2 hours of inactivity.


Add or edit this setting for the logout to occur when documents are opened in any mode:

Value nameIgnoreAnyOpenHandlesOnAutoLogout
Value typeREG_DWORD
DescriptionWhen this is set to 1, opened documents do not stop a forced logout.This setting is supported in M-Files 22.4.11321.4 and later.
Value1 means that Documents opened in read-only mode do not stop a forced logout.


After the modification, restart the client computer to take the setting into use.

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