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Changing Domain Name for SimplerQMS User Accounts

This article describes what needs to be done if an organization changes it’s domain name – fx from orgA.com to orgB.com. This will have an impact on the user accounts because a user’s account name will change from user@orgA.com to user@orgB.com.

Depending on how the organization’s Entra ID (Active Directory) is set-up, SimplerQMS might need to do a manual mapping from the ‘old’ account name to the ‘new’ account name. In some cases this is not necessary and the update of the domain will take place automatically. In either case, the users data will remain accessible and will not notice any difference – other than having to use another user account to login. This means that all historic records are still available after switching to the new domain.

Please be aware that the SimplerQMS “DNS address” for your organization will NOT change when you switch to a new domain. Example:

DNS address before change: company123.cloudvault.m-files.com

DNS address after change: company123.cloudvault.m-files.com

Preparation Steps

To prepare for this change before it is implemented in your organization’s Entra ID, please email a list of user accounts that will be changing along with the date and time of effectivity to SimplerQMS Support.


Effectivity Date and Time: Monday, 13th of December 2022 at 2:00 PM

Old Account NameNew Account Name

Please email this list at least one week in advance of the change being implemented.

New Entra ID Tenant

If your organization is switching to a new Entra ID Tenant, then a few more steps need to be completed. If you are keeping your current Tenant, then please disregard this section.

In the new Tenant, the following steps need to be completed:

  1. The SimplerQMS User Groups should be created. Please name these groups so it’s possible to distinguish the “Old” groups from the “New” groups. Example:
    • Old group name: SEC_M-Files_All_Contributors
    • New group name: SEC-NEW_M-Files_All_contributors
  2. Assign the relevant users to the new groups
  3. Make sure that at least one Entra ID Premium P1 License is available and assigned to a user
  4. Arrange a meeting with SimplerQMS to set-up the SimplerQMS Enterprise Application in the new Tenant
  5. Agree with SimplerQMS about when the cut-over to the new Tenant will take place

Login Names

After you made the switch to the new domain, users need to use their new login name, when logging into SimplerQMS.

Be aware that some users might have their old login names stored/cached in Windows. This could mean that the login prompt might suggest the user to use the old login name instead of the new one.

Please be sure to contact support@simplerqms.com well ahead of any changes to your domain or Entra ID. In this way we can plan for the change and make sure that your users will experience a smooth transition.

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