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CAPA Form Template

Initiate the CAPA process from non-conformances, complaints, audit findings, and other events with this handy CAPA form template.

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    This CAPA form template includes sections for:


    Documents owner’s and approver’s names


    Description of issue triggering the CAPA




    Root cause analysis, investigation, and risk assessment


    Immediate corrective actions


    Corrective and preventive actions


    Verification of corrective and preventive actions


    Signatures and dates

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    Create effective CAPA forms using a simple template

    A very important tool during the CAPA process is the CAPA form, especially in highly regulated life science industries.

    That’s why we developed this ready-to-use form template for busy life science professionals who want to save time. All you have to do is complete the fields with relevant information, signatures, and dates.

    Download the CAPA form template and use it to initiate non-conformances or other issues into the CAPA process.

    Automate and streamline your CAPA processes

    Interested in streamlining your entire CAPA process?

    The SimplerQMS CAPA management software solution helps you automate the collection of data, routing, follow-ups, notifications escalation, and approvals.

    It integrates with other quality system processes throughout the entire product life cycle. This results in a more compliant and streamlined CAPA management process.

    SimplerQMS CAPA Management Software Interface

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is a CAPA form?

    CAPA form is a tool you can use to initiate any non-conformance issue or deviation, customer complaint, audit finding, or any other quality event into the CAPA process.

    It will be initiated as soon as the CAPA request is accepted and converted into a formal CAPA.

    This form tracks all corrective and preventive actions taken for a given quality issue. Learn more about CAPA form in this article.

    Is this CAPA form template really free?

    Absolutely! It is 100% free!

    We just want to share some knowledge with fellow life science professionals that we hope you’ll find useful. Do keep us in mind next time you are interested in learning more about electronic document management!

    Can I modify this CAPA form template?

    Of course!

    The template is easy to modify. Although it is structured according to standards and best practices of life science industries such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, etc.

    Save time and maintain regulatory compliance with this free CAPA form template.